On 22 August 2007, Herman Wistrand bought the subdivided property Trosta 1:31 from Trosta farm and the company Trosta Park AB was formed.

The purpose of the purchase was to replace Barkarby airfield which was previously rented by Active Driving 365 AB in order to train drivers of company cars.

Trosta Park is located in a scenic location, only 5 minutes from Stockholm Arlanda Airport and the rest of the world. It is a part of a former farm and covers 23 hectares of land where we in 2008 started to build the first part of a training track for vehicles. In the area there were already several properties that had previously been part of the agriculture. These existing properties were converted to serve as training facilities for the automotive industry.

Quite soon there was a need for a larger venue and based on lessons learned from Helge Gul, which was a former military flight division at Barkarby, the so called Active Arena was built in 2012. The arena was designed by Sven Wistrand and is a modern meeting place spread over two levels of 820 square meters. Half of the area has a ceiling height of 9 meters up to the ridge, which means that both floors have good communication with each other. A big plus is the first floor's strong and smooth concrete floor with direct access to the training tracks via lorry gates on the long side of the building.

The training courses and car events that we could now accommodate required more training tracks and in 2014 the first track construction, which we call Track 1, was supplemented with a Track 2. Parts of the new track were rebuilt in 2015 and could thus be supplemented with a sliding track that was approved by the Swedish Transport Agency for Risk 2 education.